Rural life experience in Mikiura

We are an agricultural forestry industry and fisheries experience guesthouse, where you get a taste of life in the village.

Here in Mikiura fisheries village beset of with blue ocean, green mountains and near to world heritage of "Kumanokodo".
We only take one reservation at a time, so when you stay at Mikiura-Guesthouse is yours to use privately.
Once you step in to the guesthouse, the tatami bedrooms, dining room, lounge area, and soaking wooden tub are yours to enjoy after long days of rural life experience.
The atmosphere guesthouse is decidedly relaxed and quiet.

We serve dinner/breakfast upon your request and our meals are local dishes with cooking experience.
Please enjoy such as wood chopping, make fire for "Kamado" cooking stove, rice cooking by Kamado, fish filleting, Sashimi dish presentation, table setting, eat by chopsticks, clean up and so on.

Guesthouse is a great location for swimming / snorkeling / diving / fishing / sea kayaking / walking / trekking / cherry blossom viewing and more!

Life and Culture

Squeezing camellia oil (during harvest time only)

Camellia flower

Camellia seed

Wood chopping and Rice cooking by Kamado stove

Rice cooking by Kamado stove

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